Take Back Control of Your Body and Mind

Full Body Fitness Primer

A Virtual 8-Week Course to Put You Back in Motion

Reignite your energy, health and vitality with practical and powerful movement routines. Designed to meet a wide range of physical limitations. 


Discover the body created to work with you, not against you.


  • From injuries to lifestyle changes, our fitness goals can be sidelined in a number of ways. Imagine the feeling if you could:
  • Feel calm and relaxed (even with an exploding to-do list)
  • Trust your body to run that race, climb those stairs, or dance at that party
  • Achieve pre-surgery mobility after injury and resume your favorite activities


Regain the flexibility, mobility, and strength to enhance your holistic wellbeing. 

Our proven, effective and therapeutic exercises will gradually put you back on track to your healthiest self.


“You can be anything you want. But you must be strong first.” 
- Pavel Tsatsouline


 Full Body Reset  

An 8-Week Online Course

Empower yourself by letting your mind and body lead the way 

Full Body Reset is a healing, and transformative collection of short, self-paced routines. Increase flexibility, improve strength and calm your mind by recommitting to yourself These videos are simple to follow and require nothing more than your body weight. You will receive expert guidance from a compassionate, relatable and knowledgeable instructor. Learning how, when, and why to move your body in a way that is uniquely tailored to you will improve your mobility, enhance your relationship with your body and ease physical discomfort.

I Want to Get Started!

What to expect with our (completely doable) course:


Body Reset

This journey starts with both, physical and neurological reprogramming. Ease into this week as we focus on breath work, pressure points, and strengthening the connections between your brain and your muscles.


Muscle Activation

Time to wake up those muscles and nerves! Become aware of each part of your body, by creating tension in one isolated area while keeping the rest of your body relaxed. The foundation for avoiding injury and building sustainable strength starts here (and it takes practice). 


Core Strength Basics

Activate your core. Build strength while learning how to stretch and relax your abs. This routine focuses on bridges, holds, and stretches. Discover how to generate baseline strength in addition to ab expansion and relaxation.


Rotational Stability

Avoid common injuries by developing rotational awareness. Strengthen the relationship between the twisting muscles of your body, build flexibility, improve blood flow and enhance organ health. Most of your life is spent in forward-motion, which makes these rotational exercises incredibly valuable. 


Glute Power

Fire up those butt muscles. With years of walking, running, squatting, and lifting ahead, you'll want to make sure your body's biggest muscle group can support you. This routine will allow you to take pressure off your lower back, knees and neck by activating and strengthening all parts of the  glute.


Reintroducing Cardio

Put everything together with some heart-pumping calisthenics exercises. We’ve combined your new skills into a series of powerful movements that can be done as slowly or as quickly as you like. Choosing the faster practice will definitely get you breaking a sweat, but any pace will teach your body to move with grace and ease.


Crawls & Abs

Crawling is a foundational movement – it’s what babies do before they learn to walk and run. It may seem like back to basics, but don’t be fooled, these challenging movements will ignite your abs and reactivate their relationship with all the muscles in your body. This is an outstanding reset routine for balance and strength.


Full-Body Calisthenics

By now, you’re fully in tune with your body having mastered a full range of strengthening movement. This week, we’re rounding out the course with a full-body calisthenics routine. will tie everything you’ve learned into a beautiful bow of energy and vitality. Get ready to test-drive your new engine. From your upper to lower body, your core and all the muscles in between, we’ll keep you moving and your breath flowing. 

Course Pricing

$275 $750

Introductory Discount! Here's what you'll receive:

  • 8 Instructional video classes
  • Time-tested natural solutions
  • Easy-to-follow routines
  • Pattern body movement technique
  • Lifetime access



Great outcomes speak for themselves!

Grant has taught me more in 3 sessions than anyone has my entire life

"The scope of knowledge that he has along with his delightful, compassionate nature make him a wonderful teacher and partner in getting to a great place with your health. He seems to me to be like a powerful combination of physical therapist and yoga specialist. He customizes all of the things that he suggests for your body and issues. He has taught me more in 3 sessions than anyone has my entire life. Understanding and changing how you move and specifically leveraging your glutes (butt muscles) to move properly has made a world of difference for me. Highly recommend Hidden Warrior.”
Valerie W.

Encouraging healthier lives

"I really want to commend Grant for his exceptional work in making people better and encouraging healthier lives. He is such a compassionate and understanding human being with a deep knowledge and understanding of the body and how it works and how to assist and encourage when the body is in need of repair. Patiently motivating us to take greater care of our bodies, thank you Grant.....you are exceptional in your field."
Claire K.

Added to my knowledge and taught me some things I did not know

"Grant is knowledgeable, caring, encouraging and dedicated. As a chiropractor I know a lot about how the body functions but Grant added to my knowledge and taught me some things I did not know. Recommend him highly"
David A.

Imagine how it would feel if you:

  • Felt calm and relaxed even when you have a million things to do
  • Trusted your body to run that race, climb those stairs or dance at that party
  • Achieved pre-surgery mobility and could resume all your old activities

Trust your body again with the support and guidance of transformative movement routines designed to improve your fitness gradually.


Hi! I’m Grant

I developed serious back problems at the way-too-young age of 19 while playing tennis and participating in other sports. During my recovery, I understood how exhausting chronic pain can be and how much the functionality of our bodies affects our enjoyment of life.

When searching for help, I stumbled across the remarkable world of corrective and connective fitness, and I was hooked. This played a huge role in my ability to heal my own back pain. My passion grew, and I went on to become a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor.

My qualifications include an American Council of Exercise (ACE) personal trainer certification, and a 500-hour yoga teacher certification from The American Yoga Academy. I am registered with Yoga Alliance with a Functional Movement Screen certification from physical therapist Gray Cook. I am also Yoga Tune-Up® certified and use their techniques in all of my classes.

I took all my personal experience, expertise, and training to develop Full Body Reset because I wanted to share with you what I value the most: RESULTS…

This program is the accumulation of years of learning, practice, and execution with hundreds of clients.

Getting results is our ultimate goal for you.

Your current fitness level is different from others. You may be recovering from an injury. Perhaps you’re afraid of injuring yourself. That’s why we built Full Body Reset: to meet you exactly where you are so that you could be successful.

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