Take Control of Your Body and Mind During Pregnancy

Prenatal Vitality

A Movement Course
Designed for Pregnancy

This collection of 10-minute exercise videos is essential for busy moms to be.

Curated for each trimester, our series prepares your body for a smoother, stronger, more powerful pregnancy experience—before, during, and after birth.


Your body is doing remarkable things, but the journey doesn't always feel so magical. This course teaches you to: 

  • Utilize gentle movement that works around nausea, exhaustion, and weight gain you may experience
  • Strengthen the muscles needed for optimal birth and postpartum recovery
  • Alleviate pain throughout the body—including neck, lower back, diastasis recti (ab separation), sciatica, and swollen joints 
  • Prevent pelvic floor dysfunction and discomfort
  • Address early signs of a breeched baby
  • Reduce anxiety, deepen breath, and remain present

Let's help you navigate the common trials of pregnancy to prepare for your best birth and postpartum experience.


“You do not have to be resigned to pain during your pregnancy. Just 10 minutes a day will make all the difference."

- Grant Clark, Movement Instructor

Your body is working overtime. Efficient movement is key.

5 follow-along video classes per trimester you can do from the comfort of your home. No equipment required.  

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Mother (to-be) knows best!
See what they have to say about our course.

Essential for my tough pregnancy and induction

"My first pregnancy was rough. I had all the symptoms, all the time, and I was too exhausted or unwell to move most of the time. But I did follow Grant's workout, and it was exactly what I needed. The doctors were impressed at how well I breathed during the birth! In my second pregnancy now, I feel more prepared and I am working through the classes consistently because I know how important they were.
Janet K.

Docs were amazed by my pregnancy and recovery

"I am so glad I found these classes! I tried some videos on YouTube, but wanted a curriculum that was more professional and approachable because I was nervous about hurting myself. I enjoyed the explanations and felt more connected to my body and breath. I had a natural birth, and the body awareness I gained from these classes was definitely important. This really helped me later as I continued with the post-partum, and my pelvic floor is noticeably less prolapsed. Highly recommend!"
Rita G.

Avoided a breech this time!

"My first pregnancy ended in a C-section due to a breech baby. I did not want to go through that again, and was very disappointed that nobody told me this was preventable. When I got pregnant again, I wanted a VBAC and my midwives told me it was essential to do spinning baby routine. This course had those movements and more, helping me prevent another breech – second baby was in optimal position by the third trimester! I am so relieved and hope first-time mothers can use this course to avoid my experience."
Carla R.

5 videos per trimester, 10 minutes each

What to expect from these powerful, bite-sized videos:


Foundation of Stability 

  • Increase blood flow for healthy baby and placenta development
  • Develop muscle awareness to prevent pain and injury as your bump grows
  • Promote strength to support your increasing flexibility
  • Learn relaxation techniques to melt away tension
  • Start building your holistic balance— physically, mentally and hormonally

Strength Through Change

  • Activate your glutes to avoid and reduce back and knee pain
  • Improve pelvic floor function (strength and release) to minimize postpartum issues
  • Develop diaphragmatic breathing for physical and mental release of tension
  • Relieve emerging neck and shoulder tightness
  • Fine-tune your balance as your body's axis continues to shift


  • Increase blood flow to release swelling and stagnation
  • Connect your breath to muscle contractions and releases
  • Strengthen the muscles supporting your separated ab muscles (diastasis recti)
  • Keep glutes and hamstrings firing to support your back and knees
  • Use gentle movement flow to relieve systemic body tension

We're here to support you!

This series is not your typical self-guided exercise routine. Our course gives you the tools to care for yourself under expert guidance. 

You're growing life, for crying out loud! It's the least you can do for yourself.

I deserve this.

With hundreds of clients helped, this program is the accumulation of years of learning, practice, and results.

For some, exercise feels like a foreign language. For others, athleticism comes naturally and they don't want to lose your tone and momentum.

I built Prenatal Vitality: to meet you exactly where you are so you can maintain your wellbeing during the next exciting (and sometimes scary!) several months.

Course Pricing


Here's what you can expect from our one-of-kind program that delivers proven results:

  • 15 instructional video classes (5 per trimester). Led by Grant and demonstrated by (pregnant) Rosie
  • Routines that progress with your pregnancy and videos that you can revisit at any time
  • Time-tested natural solutions that relieve tension, increase blood flow, improve balance and strength, and prepare you for the best birth experience
  • Easy-to-follow techniques that help prevent injury and serve as accessible tools while performing daily activities throughout your pregnancy
  • Increased body awareness with pattern movements that program your body to move more efficiently in your daily life
  • Lifetime access – this course is yours forever. The movements work brilliantly for maintenance after your pregnancy as well!


I'm in – I want a great pregnancy.


Prenatal Vitality ($325) +
Postpartum Reset ($297 $150)

$475 $622

Discover the strongest version of your body before and after you welcome a new member of the family.

  • An additional 8-week self-paced course to reset your body after birth
  • Continued support for abdominal, pelvic floor, and diaphragmatic needs
  • Increase healing blood flow to help calm your postpartum mind
  • Tackle the neck, shoulder, back pain and tension due to hours of feeding and holding your baby
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