Take Back Control of Your Postpartum Body and Mind

Postpartum Reset

A Virtual 8-Week Postpartum Movement Course

This video series allows you to reset, regain strength, and heal through feel-good movement once your baby is born.  

Designed to progress with you post-birth, our course is easy to follow, and even easier to work into a busy schedule.  

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It's normal to feel foreign in your postpartum body, but it's possible to reconnect with a version of you that feels good. This course will:

  • Treat common pain new moms often feel– from "nursing neck" to "mom thumb" to lower back discomfort
  • Boost energy, mobility, and blood flow to skin
  • Address pelvic floor dysfunction and diasasis recti
  • Help you find post-pregnancy alignment
  • Lubricate joints, Increase endorphins, and regulate hormones
  • Prioritize mental health concerns such as stress, anxiety, and shortness of breath


Embrace your new body!

You can  rebuild strength with effective, therapeutic exercises and routines.

“People ask me how I feel postpartum. I say great. They ask, really? Yes. Really. It's all thanks to these movements that I can work into my baby's sleep schedule.” 

- Rosie Kosinski (new mom and mover)

Check me out in this video just a few weeks after giving birth I want this to be you!


Game-changer for my PP aches and pains

"Dealing with neck tension from a tough breastfeeding learning curve, a pelvis that was all out of whack from...well...birth! and diastasis recti, these follow-along video classes unexpectedly became my saving grace. After about 9 weeks of recovery, I started this course – not consistently admittedly – giving me a boost of energy and a routine that eventually stuck. Grant's instruction was very educating and helped me approach my new daily life with better form. Definitely a body reset for me after a long pregnancy and recovery journey! Highly recommend once your doc has cleared you for exercise.”
Jen W.

Our Mission:

Simply put, we want to help you discover what works for your postpartum body. Our thoughtfully tailored approach can't be found in follow-along videos on YouTube or TikTok. To often, this content can feel impossible to complete and brings risk of injury.

When you have access to goal-oriented movement routines that are proven, realistic, and approachable, results will follow. 

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How our (completely doable!) course works:


Body Reset

Reintroducing exercise and movement to your postpartum body requires a reset—both physically and neurologically. Ease into this week as we focus on breath work, pressure points, and strengthening the connection between your brain and your muscles.


Muscle Activation

Time to wake up those muscles and nerves! Become aware of each part of your body by creating tension in one isolated area while keeping the rest of your body relaxed. The foundation for avoiding injury and building sustainable strength starts here.


Core Strength Basics

Activate your core! Build strength while learning how to stretch and relax your abs. This routine focuses on bridges, holds, and stretches. Discover how to generate baseline strength in addition to ab expansion and relaxation.


Rotational Stability

Avoid common injuries by developing rotational awareness. Strengthen the relationship between the twisting muscles of your body, build flexibility, improve blood flow and enhance organ health. Most of your life is spent in forward-motion, which make these rotational exercises incredibly valuable.


Glute Power

Fire up those butt muscles! With years of walking, running, squatting, and lifting ahead, you'll want to make sure your body's biggest muscle group can support you. This routine will allow you to take pressure off your lower back, knees and neck by activating and strengthening all parts of the gluteus.


Reintroducing Cardio

Put everything together with some heart-pumping calisthenic exercises. We’ve combined your new skills into a series of powerful movements that can be done as slowly or as quickly as you like. Choosing the faster practice will turn this into a cardio routine, but any pace will teach your body to move with grace and ease.


Crawls & Abs

Crawling is a foundational movement – it’s what babies do before they learn to walk and run. It may seems like back to basics but don’t be fooled, these challenging movements will ignite your abs and reactivate their relationship with all the muscles in your body. This is an outstanding reset routine for balance and strength.


Full-Body Calisthenics

By now, you’re a pro at body awareness and strength movements. This week, we’re rounding out the course with a full-body calisthenics routine. Tie everything you’ve learned into a beautiful bow of energy and vitality. Get ready to test-drive your new engine. From your upper to lower body, your core, and all the muscles in between, we’ll keep you moving and your breath flowing.

Course Pricing


Here's what you can expect from this 8-week video series:

  • 8 Instructional video classes
  • Time-tested natural solutions
  • Easy-to-follow routines
  • Pattern body movement technique
  • Life-time access
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Pregnant and planning ahead? Bundle & save:

Prenatal Vitality $325 +
Postpartum Reset $297 $150

$475 $622

  • 15 instructional video classes (5 per trimester) led by Grant and demonstrated by (pregnant) Rosie
  • Routines progress with your pregnancy and videos that you can always revisit
  • Movements to help you to relieve tension, increase blood flow, and improve balance and strength
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This program is the accumulation of years of learning, practice, and execution with hundreds of clients.

Getting results is our ultimate goal for you.

Your current fitness level uniquely different from others. Whether you're recovering from an unexpected birth experience, afraid of injury, or you don't recognize your postpartum body—we're here to establish a new normal We built Postpartum Reset to meet you exactly where you are so that you can move well and feel well.

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